Athletic Training Graduates Again Earn 100 Percent Exam Pass Rate

June 19, 2017

Athletic Training Graduates Again Earn 100 Percent Exam Pass Rate

June 19, 2017

T-Shirt Bordello The Walken Dead Men's Shirt


Product description

The Walken Dead shirt made of 100% cotton. Is it a virus? We don't know where they come from but they can quote Walken and that's what matters.

Please be sure to purchase your shirt from us at T-Shirt Bordello. We do not have any resellers on Amazon so don't be fooled by other sellers listings.
We first published this design on 11/02/2011. The Internet Archive Wayback Machine supports that statement. We offered it for sale on Amazon on 11/04/2014
When you select your size make sure it ships from and is sold by T-Shirt Bordello. The other sellers with this design are stealing from us. Even sellers on this listing are stealing from us. They are tricking buyers into thinking they are getting a quality shirt from T-Shirt Bordello and sending them ripoff copies from China or wherever. They are hurting us, our customers and our feedback.
- If your order does not read ‘Ships from and sold by T-Shirt Bordello’ you will get a counterfeit from China.
- Your order supports the artists and employees in our little company.
- Contact Amazon and ask them to please 'Gate the ASINs' and protect the artists and others folks at T-Shirt Bordello from being robbed.
- Please ask them to remove ALL other sellers from this listing. It’s our design!

Thank you for your support.
Don Myers

  • My name is Don Myers and Amazon and Chinese counterfeiters are stealing me out of business. I am the last person left at my company! I have begged I do mean BEGGED for help protecting my art and my brand. Amazon has allowed counterfeiters to destroy the business I created in 2006.
  • Yes this listing is MY AMAZON listing. But most of the time the counterfeiters hi-jack the listings. When you select a size some Chinese counterfeiter sneaks into the order. And I never get the sale and it’s my original art.
  • If your order DOES NOT read “Ships from and sold by T-Shirt Bordello” it is a scam and you are getting Chinese garbage.
  • Please contact Amazon support and tell them to REMOVE all other sellers from this T-Shirt Bordello listings and “Gate my Brand. Maybe they will listen to you!
Quality Shirt

Looks great. Fits well.
This is my new favorite shirt. I went to Comic Con last weekend ...

This is my new favorite shirt. I went to Comic Con last weekend where I met Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead) and he said my shirt was awesome! It fit great and was very comfortable. I'm happy with my purchase.
Great shirt-great service.

At first I received the wrong shirt. Made a return request and Don handled it very quickly. He even got me the correct shirt in time for my Son's Birthday. The shirt is of a heavy good quality material. I am very pleased with the shirt and the service. Thanks!
GREAT BUY###Robert T. Fulton Jr.###Love this shirt! received it quick and it fits perfect. I've had some many people comment that they love it and where to get it.

High quality thick t-shirt. And it's got that "Needs more cowbell" guy on it. Perfect.
Five Stars

He loved it.###